"I am not one for writing to produce suppliers, however my husband and I have just had some of your raspberry sorbet bought at our local Waitrose in Surrey. Wow, we both agree it is the best we have ever tasted!!"

"Clear and clean" - that's the message we want to get across to our customers.

"They fit the shelves and use the display space well with good visibility."

"They look like the old ones" - excellent, continuity is important.

"We noticed your sorbets on sale in Waitrose on Saturday and being a pair of quality ice cream addicts we just could not resist the three varieties on display. Tonight a scoop of each was the finale to our evening meal. Wow!!!! We have sampled the best to be offered in France, Italy and the UK but your products are there at the top of the iceberg. The texture and sweetness is just right and the intensity of flavours defy words to give them justice."

"We all unanimously agree your ice cream and sorbet is the best we've had, and we have tried a few."

"I've just eaten one of your mango sorbets bought from my new local shop in Thorverton. It was delicious."

"I ate some of your ice cream last Sunday at Otterton Mill and thought it was absolutely superb. I can't wait to go back and eat some more. I had some at Rosemoor last Thursday and it wasn't a patch on yours and so many additives."